Hasseran labeled


Hasseran is a massive, sweeping continent, containing the majority of the world's aershaa and furr population. As mankind has come to realize this, they, too, have begun to move in, taking advantage of the diverse game and produce available in its green, forested stretches of the land.


Forests, mountains, canyons and deserts, it is only the snowy tundra that can't be found in Hasseran's reaches. The Blazeden desert takes up a good 500 square miles of the west, with the southeast is peppered with wetlands and rainforests. The remainder of Hasseran is much like Jiskadar in it's giant forests, rolling grasslands, and high mountains. 

Points of InterestEdit

The Southern Dreyscar can be found, ironically, in the north of this continent, home to millions of vicious monsters , warped from ordinary beasts by the magistorms and wild magic that remain from the Sundering many years ago. 


Hasseran is a majorly temperate region, experiencing all four seasons, save for the dry, hot desert of Blazeden, and the warm, humid wetlands and rainforests of the Southeast.