One of the most commonly domesticated animals next to the popular dog, the bohar is prized by man and furr alike for its high skills in catching rodents and pests. That being said, there isn't a farm on Dreyrull (or Terrak, if we're looking from Man's point of view) that doesn't have at least three bohar on its premises.


Bohar come in multiple varieties, ranging from the absolute hairless to long, silky hair. Varieties bred by man and furr tend to be a great deal smaller (about a foot from head to toe) than their wild counterparts (2-3 feet), and are usually friendlier to their owners (though well known for being an independent and temperamental species.)

Bohar come in a wide range of colors and patterns. In the wild, this reflects on the territory they come from. Bohar of the plains are in light tans and browns, typically striped or plain, while bohar in forests are found in much darker colors, patched or spotted like the foliage of the woodlands.


A very solitary species, bohar keep small territories alone, only interacting with other bohar during mating season and under the watchful eye of man. Domesticated bohar - sometimes called "cats" - are more tolerant of other bohar, though it varies from creature to creature, as well as breed to breed. Unlike dogs, they are not without their wild instincts, clinging to remnants of solitude and aggression no matter the generations that grow in captivity.


Bohar are strictly meat-eaters, preferring small, quick prey in the avian and rodent families. Pilu, mawz, and lappir are the most common animals preyed upon, although a single bohar has been known to take down prey as large as a baby groburr .


Bohar are found in temperate and warm climates throughout the world. Though they are cousins with the Boran "tundra cats" of northern Jiskadar and Siyari, they are not capable of handling cold weather.

==Lore & Culture==

Bohar are regarded by both furr and man as a keeper of secrets, due to their solitary, mysterious nature and habits. They are also well renowned in tales for their agility, stealth, and cunning... and also maligned somewhat for the curiosity and oversized boldness that can get them into trouble.

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