A popular medicinal plant, found worldwide. Bladeleaf is an extremely fibrous plant, inedible to all but the toughest herbivore stomachs, though many men and furr have tried to find ways to make it edible. It is also a plant prized all over the world for its healing properties. It can only be found in the wild as domesticated versions have lost their healing properties.


Bladeleaf doesn’t grow much after it has taken root. The leaves that radiate from the stem are nearly flat against the ground and are about 3 inches long. The leaves are ¼- 1/2 an inch wide at the base and taper off as it grows out. They are also gray-green in color which, combined with their shape, give the plant its name. Young leaves grow smooth and flat, becoming wrinkled as they age. Both stem and leaves, while extremely nutritious, are very fibrous and can only be digested by the strongest of herbivore stomachs.

Bladeleaf can reproduce by Rhizomes [1], and in non-Siyari regions, can also produce spores. In cooler areas, spores are produced after the first major thaw, and in areas that are warm year-round, spores are produced about every 6 months. Spore pods form on the top of the leaf in patches and are reddish pink in color. Pods release the spores into the air after about 2 weeks.


A very hardy plant, Bladeleaf can be found all over Dreyrull. Its range extends from southern Siyari down to Sereven and the remnants of Urvaz. It can be found growing on mountain sides down to vast plains and all types of soil in between, and is most abundant in areas where most plants can't grow due to soil type, lack of sun, or some other condition. However, for its hardiness, Bladeleaf does not do well with attempts at domestication, which cause it to lose all its healing properties.

Lore & Culture

While all cultures use this plant for healing, some humans and furrs are looking for ways to make Bladeleaf edible.


When any part of the plant is crushed and mixed with another healing herb, it amplifies the healing effects. For example, something that would normally take 3 days to heal would only take a day and a half. These properties are also enhanced when a small quantity of a certain healing element is mixed with crushed Bladeleaf, as the blend will be just as potent as a larger, but pure, dosage. Leaves with spore pods are used for decoration.

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